About YPB

There is not ONE perfect birth or A perfect birth or THE perfect birth: they do not exist. There is only your birthing experience.  Each woman births differently; in the rhythm that is singular to you and this specific child. Being relaxed, calm, and trusting in your own ability can make the experience your perfect birth. 

As a Doula, I can provide information, emotional support, physical support, compassion, and understanding through an intense; yet joyous time. When women prepare together we can achieve anything. With HypnoBirthing you can learn the practice of self hypnosis to have a calm, peaceful, relaxed, yet aware, birthing. HypnoBirthing starts with teaching you a path to an easier and calmer birth, but can lead to a more peaceful life for you and your family. 

Linsey Erin Griffith is a DONA trained Doula. I studied with Child Birth International for Child Birth Education and with the HypnoBirthing® Institute for HypnoBirthing®  Instruction. I am mother of 2; Finnegan (2) and Tesla (3).  I have a BA in Communication with a minor in Religion and Philosophy from Eureka College

The picture to the right is of me, laboring at home in the water, smiling through a surge (contraction) while using the HypnoBirthing® techniques. I was attended there by my husband and Doula. My midwives arrived later to help my husband catch our baby boy. I had a hospital birth and a home birth and have seen many more as a Doula. I can help you prepare for the birth type of your choice or situation (Hospital, medicated, unblocked, home, VBAC, and much more) and can offer informational, emotional, and physical support

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