Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation is a modern method of placentophagia where the placenta is cleaned, dehydrated, ground, and placed in capsules for consumption by the mother postpartum. Placentophagia is a practice of most mammals, and many cultures today, and throughout history. 

The theory behind placentophagia is that by consuming your child's placenta the mother's body can more easily assimilate the hormones, minerals, and nutrients within the organ to quickly, safely, and naturally become hormonally balanced.  

YPB offers placenta encapsulation within your own home. The contract is signed prior to birth. The mother notifies us when she gives birth and gives us access to her home and the placenta within 72 hours after the birth. Day 1 the placenta is cleaned and prepared and dehydration begins. Day 2 the placenta is ground and encapsulated and presented to the mother. Your placenta never leaves your possession and the process may be observed and explained if the mother or any family members wish. We also offer tinctures, traditional Chinese method, raw preparation, and raw encapsulation. 

Pricing: $200.00 (includes 2 home visits, as many capsules as your placenta allows, a cord keepsake, unlimited phone and web support about PE, prep area cleaning and sterilization.) Sliding scale and multiple service discounts available.
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