Additional Services

Traditional Childbirth Education:
Traditional Childbirth Education reviews the basic physiological process of birth. Additionally we review pain relief options, traditional hospital practices and options, traditional pediatric care and options, and basic newborn care. Since this course is private it can be individualized to the parent's questions and preferences. 

Newborn Care Class:
We will discuss your postpartum care plan, review what life with a newborn is like, learn how to change a disposable or cloth diaper, learn how to swaddle, basic infant massage, colic care, expected bowel movements, and skin care. 

Birth Coaching:
Birth coaching is a more casual approach to labor support. For parents who seek a supported birth experience but are seeking a hospital birth and are planning on utilizing traditional interventions. 

Postpartum Doula:
Mother's Helper services while in training for Postpartum Doula Certification. During that initial adjustment period at home I can support you physically, emotionally, and logistically. Do you need someone to go grocery shopping, accompany/drive you to the pediatrician, do your laundry, sweep, vacuum, mop, make sure you are fed and hydrated, remind you when it may be time to nurse, give you the freedom to take a shower or a nap? This service is the perfect segway from time at home supported by your partner to adjusting to solo-parenting. I typically offer these services from birth to 3 months. 3-4 hour sessions; as many as you would like to book. 

A ceremony to bless the mother with prayers, good intentions, wishes, and advice and to focus positive thoughts and prayers for the baby (Secular or Religious at the preference of the Mother). This is available for Every Mother I work with for NO additional charge. If you would like the comprehensive planning services including snacks and drink, activity, and paper invitations the charge is $250 (Many grandmother's, godmother's, or Aunts would prefer this package versus planning it themselves with my assistance). A blessingway is a lovely complement to a baby shower for a first baby (with up to 10 CLOSE friends and family members instead of a gaggle of acquaintances). It is an extremely lovely way to welcome a 2nd, 3rd, or additional child into the world.

Birth Photography:
I apprenticed as a portrait photographer - not a photojournalist. I will provide photography on your camera or phone at no extra cost. If you would like me to bring my DSLR for higher quality raw files I charge $25. I will provide the original files (with watermark). For an additional $25 I will edit up to 20 shots and provide those on a separate format for sharing and reproduction.